Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

  • Rock Gardens: A Simple Landscaping Project for Showing Off Beautiful Stones

    There are lots of different elements you can use in landscaping design, but of all the durable, long-lasting, minimum-effort materials, stonework is hard to beat. And while there are plenty of ways to use it in your garden, the best way to show off attractive stone is to create a rock garden. Rock gardens, or rockeries as they're sometimes called, are a great landscaping project for all ability levels because it's pretty hard to go wrong.

  • Host a Successful Campfire Party with These Tips

    There's something undeniably magical about a good campfire. Sitting around with friends or family, watching the flames and enjoying the warmth as night draws in has brought people comfort and enjoyment since humans first discovered how to make fire. Although sitting outdoors is understandably more popular during the summer, there's no real reason you can't have a campfire party at pretty much any time of the year. As long as you wear warm clothes and sit close enough to the fire to keep cosy, everyone will have a good time.

  • Residential Landscaping: Three Crucial Guidelines on Patio Pavers Installation

    If you are planning on building a patio in your home, you should consider purchasing and installing paving stones. Interlocking pavers are attractive and stylish, and you can use different designs and stone colours to achieve extraordinary visual impact in your landscape. Also, paving stones are durable and low maintenance in comparison to general surfaces such as asphalt. On the other hand, the success of your outdoor improvement project will depend on the patio installation process.

  • Reasons to Utilise Segmental Pavers When Hardscaping Your Yard

    With various parts of Australia being hard hit with drought, it has become essential for homeowners to seek ways of keeping their yard attractive without using volumes of water. If you have natural turf on your lawn, you will find it is becoming increasingly expensive to keep it attractive, as the grass will need constant hydration to retain its lustre. A convenient solution for this would be to consider reducing your greenery and opting for hardscaping by paving.

  • Three Tips To Stop Your Shade Sails Becoming Airborne During Summer Storms

    Spring has already arrived in Queensland, and that means summer is not too far away. Queensland has epic summer storms which bring heavy rain, wind and lightning. You've only just moved to the state, so while you are aware of the storm's reputation, you haven't yet experienced one. While the weather remains calm, it is important you identify which areas around your home could become a potential hazard during the storm.

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