Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

2 Commonly Asked Questions About Creating An Underground Shipping Container Bunker

Philip Newman

Creating an underground bunker might sound like the actions of an eccentric character from an American prepper show, however, more and more Australians are choosing to do just that in recent years. As opposed to some of the crazier conspiracy theories that prompt some people to choose this slightly unusual home addition, in Australia it's more common as a reaction to the threat of natural disasters such as bushfires, severe storms or cyclones.

Building an underground bunker can actually be a fairly expensive project and for this reason, many people are choosing to use steel shipping containers instead of other materials. Shipping containers are cheap, readily available and incredibly strong, making them an excellent choice as a protective environment.

If you're considering creating an underground bunker using a shipping container in your backyard, then here are two commonly asked questions about how to go about it.

1. Can I dig the hole myself?

It's certainly possible to dig the hole yourself as long as you're prepared for many long hours of pretty intense and back-breaking work. The digging process will be even longer and harder if the soil is heavy on clay, has a lot of rocks and stones or has a lot of tree roots growing through it.

A much faster and less strenuous way to make the hole for your bunker is to have it dug by a professional who offers excavation services. In a few short hours, they'll achieve what would have taken you days or even weeks to do by hand. They also have the training and experience to ensure that the hole is safe and sturdy and won't affect the integrity of any nearby trees or buildings.

2. Do I need to insulate the container?

In most situations, shipping containers will need to be insulated in order to create a comfortable interior temperature. Steel is an incredibly good conductor of energy, so these big steel boxes are generally either a baking hot oven or a freezing cold ice box if uninsulated. However, when you bury a shipping container underground, the surrounding soil will provide all the insulation you need.

While insulation is necessary, you will need to add a waterproof layer between the exterior of the container and the bare earth. The steel will become rusted and corroded after continual exposure to wet soil which will eventually degrade the strength and protective nature of your bunker. A waterproofing membrane that's used under concrete slabs will keep your bunker dry and strong.


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