Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Four Signs You Need New Garden Turf

Philip Newman

If you're tired of looking at your old, worn-out backyard and want to replace it with something new, then it may be time for a total renovation using turfs such as Kikuyu turf or Empire Zoysia turf.

The most common reason homeowners choose to replace their existing garden turf is because it is damaged from excessive foot traffic, pets or weather. While some people opt to keep their old grass and simply repair it, others prefer to start over with new sod that will last longer and offer more benefits than the old grass ever did.

Here are four signs that indicate you need new garden turf.

1. Your Lawn Is Uneven Or Bumpy

When your lawn is uneven or bumpy, it can make your yard look unkempt and worn out. While this is often caused by poor drainage in the soil, it could also be due to an old lawn that has lost its cushioning effect or has been damaged by excessive foot traffic or pets. New Kikuyu turf can help your lawn look more uniform, which will make it appear more attractive and presentable. 

2. You Have Bare Patches Of Dirt

When your lawn has bare patches of dirt, it can be difficult to maintain. You may have tried over-seeding or aerating the yard in an attempt to fix the problem, but those methods won't work if your soil lacks nutrients or is too compacted. A new sod installation of turf such as buffalo turf will improve drainage and aeration so that water flows through your yard more easily and nutrients reach plant roots more readily.

3. You've Noticed Moss Or Weeds Growing In Your Lawn

Moss and weeds are signs that your lawn has too much shade or moisture, respectively. Moss likes to grow in shaded areas with cool air temperatures and high humidity, which makes it difficult for grass to thrive. If you notice moss growing in your yard, consider installing a new turf that will help block the sun from hitting certain areas of the yard so that your existing grass can grow faster and healthier. 

4. Your Existing Grass Seed Has Not Germinated Or Failed To Grow Into Thick Blades

If you've planted a new grass seed and it has not germinated or grown, check your soil. The pH level may be too high or low for the grass to thrive. You should also ensure that there is adequate drainage in your yard so that water does not pool up when it rains. Fresh turf can help your existing grass to grow faster. The new sod will act as a filter and attract insects that eat weeds, which will also help your existing lawn grow better.

To find out more about Kikuyu turf and Empire Zoysia turf, chat with a lawn care professional today.


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