Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

2 Low-Maintenance Garden Essentials To Choose When Landscaping Your Brand New Home

Philip Newman

Landscaping the garden of your brand-new home is an exciting yet challenging task. As well as deciding on the look and function you'd like to achieve, you'll also need to choose all of the different plants that you'll include. While style and appearance are an important part of plant choice, many Australian homeowners also want to create a garden that will prove to be hardy and resilient to the often-harsh Australian climate.

Two of the main characteristics of plants that will help to create a tough and long-lasting garden are being drought friendly and low maintenance. Here are two great choices for your garden that will help you to fulfill this objective.

1. Buffalo turf

Grass is one of the largest features of most gardens, and it's often the one that requires the most amount of care to keep healthy and looking good. As well as mowing, many kinds of grass will require a lot of water and nutrients to ensure good growth. However, buffalo turf is a great choice for a low-maintenance lawn that will look amazing.

Buffalo turf varieties are extremely drought resistant and require very little water. They're also slow growing and thrive on neglect, so they don't require frequent mowing or fertilisation. Buffalo turf is also tough and will stay thick and green, even in gardens where pets or children subject it to heavy wear and tear.

2. Native plants

There is an enormous variety of different plants available to choose from in plant nurseries and hardware stores. Generally, you'll find a mix of native Australian plants and plants that have been introduced from other countries. For a tough and fuss-free garden, it's best to opt for Australian natives as much as possible.

The primary reason for this is that they are simply much better at surviving in Australian weather and soil conditions than their foreign counterparts. They have evolved over many centuries to survive droughts, floods and extremes of hot and cold weather.

Choosing native plants also helps to promote and protect the native ecosystem. They will encourage beautiful and entertaining native birds and animals to visit your garden looking for their food sources.

Buffalo turf and native plants are a winning combination for a tough, low-maintenance and beautiful landscaping project. Contact your local turf supplier and native plant specialist to find out more about the different options they have available to use in your new garden.


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