Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

  • Tips for Using Pea Gravel and Crushed Stone in Your Garden

    Pea gravel and crushed stone provide excellent supplies with which to enhance and decorate your garden. To unlock their landscaping potential, consider the following tips. What's the Difference? Pea gravel and crushed stone are both rocks, but they become little stones in different ways. Pea gravel originates from places such as river beds and has smooth edges caused by natural running water. Pea gravel — in assorted colours such as grey, black, blue, green and many other hues — is approximately the size of a pea, as its name suggests.

  • Why Hydromulch Is The Only Regenerative Solution You Need To Reclaim Construction Sites

    Trying to breathe life into a landscape that has been torn up by large machines and heavy equipment is never easy, but in the past, it was virtually impossible. There was no easy way to get grass seedlings to take hold on such churned up earth, and often there were no nutrients for any plant life to draw from. However, hydromulch solutions offer a new and exciting way for construction sites and any other barren landscapes to get back to the natural green and pleasant look of grass.

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Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

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