Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Why Hydromulch Is The Only Regenerative Solution You Need To Reclaim Construction Sites

Philip Newman

Trying to breathe life into a landscape that has been torn up by large machines and heavy equipment is never easy, but in the past, it was virtually impossible. There was no easy way to get grass seedlings to take hold on such churned up earth, and often there were no nutrients for any plant life to draw from. However, hydromulch solutions offer a new and exciting way for construction sites and any other barren landscapes to get back to the natural green and pleasant look of grass. 

What Is Hydromulch?

Hydromulch solutions use a special formula that is applied to the construction site once all work has been completed. This formula consists of seedlings, nutrients (often wood or cellulose fibre) and special additives that make the mixture stick to the earth without compromising its future growth. Some hydromulch solutions differ slightly in their formula, but the general principle is the same: a compound that can avoid being washed off during the rain and that has all the tools it needs to actually take hold and flourish in quite harsh an environment. 

How Are Hydromulch Solutions Different To Regular Seedlings?

Hydromulch solutions are different because the mixture is not just seeds, but an entire life-supporting package that provides everything the seeds could need to survive the first few weeks. This initial stage is the most important in harsh landscapes because it is where traditional seeding has the most trouble. With no shelter and an awkward surface to try and penetrate, most regular seeds will be washed away in any slight downpour, or simply die from exposure. Hydromulch solutions have no such trouble, and the results are obvious from the get-go. Within a month or two you will start to see the beginnings of what will be a flourishing garden.

How Do You Find Hydromulch?

Hydromulch solutions are provided by many companies, but before you go out there and hire the first one you see, make sure that the process they use is actually hydromulch. There are many different processes that sound similar to hydromulching, and the last thing you want to do is buy the wrong product or service. It is almost always easiest to hire a professional along with the hydromulch so that they apply it for you. These experts will know how thick a layer to apply and can give you tips on just how much total hydromulch you will need for your property.

For more information, contact a hydromulch supplier in your area.


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