Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Five Benefits of an Electric Lawnmower

Philip Newman

An electric lawnmower is the perfect choice for a smaller lawn. There are several benefits of opting for one that is electric instead of petrol. Here's what you need to know.

1. Ease of Use

If weight and manoeuvring is a concern, then electric lawn mowers are the simplest choice. Without a tank full of petrol and a heavy motor, electric lawnmowers are lighter weight and easier to use. For a very small lawn, you can lighten the load even more by opting for a small mowing deck size. It may take a bit longer to mow, but the lawnmower will be light and easy to use.

2. Quieter Operation

Petrol lawn mower engines are loud. Many people wear earplugs to protect their hearing from the sound of these tools. Electric mowers are quiet in comparison, you may even be able to hear the birds singing as you work. The result is better for your hearing, and it also makes the chore of mowing the turf much more enjoyable.

3. Lack of Fumes

Fumes from a petrol engine are unpleasant at best and damaging to your health at worse. Even with filtration, it's impossible to completely prevent fumes from assaulting you as you mow the lawn. Electric lawnmowers don't produce any of these unwanted fumes. Not only does this create a more pleasant mowing experience and protect your health, but fewer fumes are also good for the environment.

4. Freer Movement

The weight of the petrol and engine that makes a lawnmower heavy can also impede movement and turning radius to some extent. Petrol mowers also tend to have a larger mowing deck compared to electric models, which also compromises movement. Electric mowers whiz along and are easy to correct and steer. These lawnmowers also usually feature a very tight turning radius, particularly models with smaller decks, so it is easy to get into all the nooks and crannies of a small yard. For even easier movement, opt for a cordless variety.

5. Less Maintenance

You will enjoy less overall maintenance with an electric motor compared to a petrol one. There are no spark plugs, oil systems or fuel filters to contend with. In most cases, the engine and electrical system require little to no maintenance, and of course, there is no fuel, oil or filters to purchase. The only maintenance necessary is to keep the blade sharp and lubricated.

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