Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

How to Ensure That You Use Your New Lawn Edger Correctly

Philip Newman

If you are lucky enough to have recently moved into a sprawling property, you've finally got some space to breathe. However, you have undoubtedly got a lot of work ahead of you if you are to maintain the garden to its highest standard. You may be stocking up your garage or garden shed with all the tools and equipment necessary to maintain your outdoor space going forward and may be considering the purchase of a lawn edger as part of your 'fleet'. While these may seem to be relatively simple tools, what do you need to bear in mind before you start your work?

What You're Dealing with

A lawn edger is designed for one specific purpose and that is to keep your garden looking as well maintained as possible, with clear delineation between the grass, pathways or flowerbeds. The edger is essentially a motorised blade which spins at very high speeds, so you have to approach this with safety very much in mind.

Clean up First

Before you begin any work, have a look for any foreign objects on or around the lawn. Many people overlook this, especially if they are doing some work during the Autumn season, as leaves on the ground could hide twigs or other small objects underneath. You should also check for any small stones and of course remove any toys from the vicinity. Whenever the blade of the edger catches a foreign object it will be sent flying at very high speed in an unpredictable direction. In addition to the risk of damage, serious injury could be caused to people or pets.

Going Solo

Lawn edging is not a spectator sport, so you should politely but firmly insist that any bystanders (and especially the kids) move away from the area before you commence.

Pay Attention

When you do start, give your undivided attention to your work. In particular, never turn your back on an edger that is running. Sometimes, people will do this while they move ahead to open a gate or remove an obstacle. If you are in front of the blade and it catches onto an item of clothing or you happen to lose your footing for some reason, then this could cause significant personal injury. Always switch the machine off before assessing any of the aforementioned tasks.

Dress Well

Finally, never treat this type of work as a casual occupation and always wear proper clothing for the task. This will include a strong pair of boots or shoes, ideally with toughened toecaps, together with close-fitting long trousers and the all-important safety glasses.

More Advice

If you take the necessary precautions, then you shouldn't encounter any problem with your new lawn edging equipment. Have a word with your landscaper for additional advice if needed, or to get their assistance in maintaining your property.


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