Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

The New-Found Respect for Garden Pavers: Adding Affordable Style to Your Landscape

Philip Newman

You can define your landscape and add affordable style to it with today's stepping stones. With a variety of paver materials, style, texture, and size you are no longer limited to the same multi-coloured pebble and stone that sucks the soul of many yards.

Here are six creative ways of using these purposeful stepping stones to create a great-looking landscape.

Randomly placed pavers

Forego the typical symmetric placement of pavers and let your thoughts run wild with random placement.  Branches and flowers will look great in between randomly placed pavers, don't you think?

Randomly placed pavers have a casual look that adds visual interest to a landscape. You can plant grass in between the pavers to create a charming permeable landscape that is easy on the eyes.

Circular pattern placement

Pavers work really well when you're looking to define a space. Pavers arranged in a circular pattern create a country yard effect even in spaces that lack a country yard.

You can also arrange pavers in a circular pattern to highlight a feature in your yard such as a statuary of to lead out to a pathway.  You can also use this pattern to define the space around a garden sitting area.

The modern vibe outside

If you own a modern home and you simply want to add a more modern vibe to your yard, you can use clean cut concrete pavers and fill the space between them with an accent stone. Also, you can have fun with the size, shape, and pattern of your pavers.

Free form shapes

Your pavers don't always need to have a clean, symmetrical shape to look good. You can treat your pathway and outdoor living space with free-form pavers to achieve a stylish look and feel.

Free-form pavers help break the monotonous look of a super linear home design.

Pavers in outdoor showers

For many Australian homes, an outdoor shower can be the ultimate luxury. If you live far away from prying eyes, consider creating an outdoor shower with pavers. Once your set with plumbing, all you have to do is lay out your pavers, and you're ready to take limitless showers under the sun.

Rectangular pavers + gravel

Rectangular pavers that are slightly separated from each other work great with gravel to achieve a modern or transitional look.

Pavers surrounded by gravel works well in defining your space and can save you a few dollars in an outdoor reno!


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