Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Reasons to Utilise Segmental Pavers When Hardscaping Your Yard

Philip Newman

With various parts of Australia being hard hit with drought, it has become essential for homeowners to seek ways of keeping their yard attractive without using volumes of water. If you have natural turf on your lawn, you will find it is becoming increasingly expensive to keep it attractive, as the grass will need constant hydration to retain its lustre.

A convenient solution for this would be to consider reducing your greenery and opting for hardscaping by paving. Although there is a broad range of materials that you could choose for your pavers, concrete remains a relevant choice. Here are just a few reasons why you should utilise segmental pavers when hardscaping your yard.

Concrete segmental pavers are versatile

Some people may assume that concrete segmental pavers would be a boring option for their home and will not add any visual appeal to their yard. This assumption could not be further from the truth though. Firstly, the segmental pavers provide you with the option to create a myriad of patterns on your driveway walkways, kerbing and more. Thus, you have the creative freedom to be as experimental with the design of your pavers as you would like. Secondly, the edges of the pavers come in different styles such as tongue and groove edges, smooth edges, bevelled edges and more.

Concrete segmental pavers are economical

If you are looking to reduce your yards water consumption, chances are you will also be in search of an economically viable solution to maintaining your landscape. Concrete segmental pavers are perfect for this as they are made from the most affordable materials. Segmental pavers made from granite or sandstone may add a unique aesthetic to your property, but they tend to be priced at premium cost. Moreover, these materials would be expensive to replace if they are to acquire any cosmetic damage. With concrete pavers, on the other hand, it is easy to replace damaged pieces without having to repave your entire yard. Moreover, the concrete is highly durable so you can expect your segmental pavers to serve you for several decades.

Concrete segmental pavers are ready to use

With other paving options, you would have to wait for some time before you can make use of the paved areas. For instance, when conventional concrete is laid on your driveway or pathways, you would have to give it adequate time to cure and dry, or you will end up compromising the integrity of the flooring. With concrete segmental pavers, you will not have this concern as they are ready for use as soon have they have been installed on your property.


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