Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

4 Reasons To Keep A Turfed Lawn In Your New Home's Small Garden

Philip Newman

In the past, nearly every Australian home had a large expanse of lawn. These days, smaller blocks on new sub-divisions mean that if you build a new home, then you aren't likely to have a massive backyard. The developers of new sub-divisions generally cater for this issue by creating plenty of green public spaces for residents to use.

If you're in this position, you may be wondering if your new home needs a lawn at all. Many people opt to do away with grass and cover their small outdoor space with a deck, pavers or a concrete slab instead. However, even a small garden can benefit tremendously by having turf laid. Here are four reasons why you should make space for a small area of turf in your new garden.

1. It helps keep your garden cooler

During the hot summer months, a lawn will help to keep your garden cooler and more pleasant to spend time in. Grass naturally absorbs heat then draws it away into the earth. It also reduces reflected radiant energy and glare. In contrast, surfaces such as stone and concrete absorb the heat and store it, heating up your outside area even more.

2. It's more ecologically sound

Using turf in your garden benefits both your immediate environment and the local ecology. Grass produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide like any other green plant. Grass also helps to filter rainwater before it soaks down through the soil to underground aquifers and significantly reduces the number of toxins and the level of acidity in that water.

3. It's lower maintenance than you may think

Many people opt to forego having a lawn because they think it will involve too much care, particularly for such a small patch of grass. However, modern strains of grass, such as Buffalo, Kikuyu and Couch varieties, are incredibly easy to care for and require little upkeep. Opt for a hardy, drought resistant and slow-growing turf, and it will require next to no upkeep.

4. It's a strong contributor to a happy home

It's well known that emotional well-being is well supported by regular exposure to green spaces. Even a small patch of lawn will help to make your garden a brighter, greener and happier space. If you have kids or pets, hard ground covers such as decks and slabs simply don't provide the soft, versatile and cushioned play surface that a lawn does.  

For more information about options such as kikuyu turf, contact a local landscape company or turf supplier. 


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