Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

Making Your Garden Look Fantastic

How to Find and Hire a Great Landscape Contractor

Philip Newman

There is value in professional landscaping services. Once you've approved your landscape design, it's time to get that lush lawn and garden. Due to the work and goals of the project, landscaping requires a skill set and level of experience that can only be achieved by qualified landscaping contractors. Now that you are armed with a master plan of your landscaping goals, here's how you can find and hire a great landscaping contractor.

Work with a landscape architect

One way to find a landscape contractor is to engage your landscape architect to oversee the hiring of a contractor for your project. However, this only applies if you are working with a landscape architect on your landscape design plan.

By allowing your architect to oversee construction, it means they are responsible for getting bids and estimates from the contractors. Once you hire the recommended contractor, they will work together with the landscape architect to achieve the designed project.

Hire on your own

Hiring a contractor on your own eliminates the process of working with both the architect and the contractor at the same time.

If you are well aware of the building process and your project is very straightforward, consider hiring a contractor on your own without having to involve an architect.

If you wish to hire a contractor on your own, it's good to know what to expect so that you feel confident hiring them.

Where to look

A good landscaping contractor isn't hard to find if you know where to look. Other than doing a broad internet search, there are other good resources to yield you the best results, such as asking your family, friends and neighbours for referrals.

Review credentials

It's important to hire a contractor who meets local certifications and licensing requirements. Your end goal is to hire a knowledgeable, reliable contractor who will complete your project on time and use quality materials.

Client references

Find out if previous clients were pleased and satisfied with the contractor's work. A few questions to ask previous clients can include the quality of work done, ability to meet the set schedule and how reliable the contractor was.

A compatible personality

Although this isn't something you'll find on their credentials, it's important to work with a landscaping contractor you connect and communicate well with. You can find out about a contractor's personality by spending time with them to see if they are interested in learning about your vision and end goals.


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